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Conclusion 2018

Our 3 beauties got 11 new titel of Champions: Slovenian Champion, Austrian Champion, Champion of Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Jadrana Champion, Mediterrana Champion, Champion of Ex-Yugoslavia, Grand Champion of Montenegro.
Numerous times we won Group 7 und finished year 2018 with Trawricka One and Only as BOB and Best of Group 7 (2) in Podgorica/Montenegro, November 2018.
Our great Varmello Team is ready for Shows in 2019!

CACIB Macedonia
Skopje 28.-30.04.2018

All 3 our dogs are Macedonia Champions, Macedonia Grand Champions and Balkan Grand Champions now!
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 3 days BOB and BIS-3.

CACIB Asenovgrad
Asenovgrad 23.-27.04.2018

All 3 our dogs are Bulgaria Champions, Grand Champions and Balkan Champions.
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 4 days BOB and 1 day BIG and BIS-2. 3 days BIG-2.
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - 2 days BOS.
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - 2 days BOS.

CACIB Rijeka
Rijeka 24.-25.02.2018

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - in the Champions Class 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, BOB - and new croatian Grand Champion
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) and Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - both CAC, Reserve CACIB (+ BOS by Sunny) and new croatian Champions of Champions – Grand Champions.

Winter Dog Show
Budapest 15.-18.02.2018

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 1 day - Res CAC, Res CACIB; the next 3 days - V1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - all 4 days - CAC, 2 days - CACIB, 1 day - CACIB and BOB; the last 2 days - CACIB and BOS.

CACIB Slovenia Winner 2018
Celje 6.-7.01.2018

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 2x CAC and Res CACIB
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - 2x CAC, Res CACIB and New Brand Slovenian Champion
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - 2x CAC, Res CACIB and CACIB.

Zagreb Winter Classic 2017
Zagreb 24.-26.11.2017

Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - at all 3 days won in a Champion Class Exc V1; at the first day - Club Champion and Club Winner.
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - in Champ Class EXC V1, EXC Reserve and EXC V1; Best Dog and BOB; Winner of Croatia Memory Cup.
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - EXC V1, EXC V2 Reserve and EXC V Winner of Working Dog, BOS.

World Dog Show 2017
Leipzig 8.-12.11.2017

We are happy and proud:
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) and Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) are the Best Couple 3 of German Winner Show and also won the Best Couple 1 of Irish Setters on WDS!

Carpathian Pearl 2017
Uzhhorod 16.09.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 3x BOB, 2x BOG-1 and 1x BOG-2
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - 2x BOS and Best Bitch
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - 1x BOS and Best Bitch
Besides: Sunny and Tally - Best Couple of the Show.

Dracula Dog Show 2017
Târgu Mureș 13.-14.09.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - 2x BOB, 2x BOG-1 and 1x BOG-2 in 7 Shows
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - 6x BOS
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - 1x BOS.

CAC/CACIB Mechelen 2017
Mechelen 19.08.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - V1, CAC; Best Male, CACIB, BOB and BIG 2.

IHA Česká Lípa 2017
Česká Lípa 13.08.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - V1, BOB, BIG 1 and BOS 2.
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - Honour Class V1 and BIG 3
and in a couple with Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - Best Couple of Show,
1st Place.

IHA Częstochowa 2017
Częstochowa 22.07.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - V1 CAC, next step to Poland Champion is done!
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS.

IHA Sarajevo Winner 2017
Sarajevo 14.-16.07.2017

All 3 dogs got Champion Titles of Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - all 3 days BOB and Best in Group 7 (1st and 2nd Plätze BOG).
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - V1 CAC at all 3 days, CACIB and Best Female at 2 days.
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - V1 CAC at all 3 days and 1 x BOS CACIB.
Moreover:Best Couple - 1st place and Best Couple of the Show - 3rd place.

CACIB Bled 2017
Bled 24-25.06.2017

We got 3 brand new Karawanks Winner:
Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - V1 CAC, CACIB, Best Male and BOB.
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - V1 CAC, CACIB, Best Female and BOS.
Garden Stars Irish Unique (Maggy) - V1 CAC and on the both days ResCACIB -
just 4 months after her litter.
Moreover: Best Couple - 2nd place und Breeding Group - 3rd place.
We're proud of our Varmello Breed!

CACIB Kraków 2017
Kraków 17.06.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - V1, CAC.
Trawricka One and Only (Sunny) - V1, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS.

SRA Stuttgart 2017
Stuttgart-Mühlhausen 25.05.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman (Tally) - Winner Baden-Württemberg, V1, CAC, BOB, BIG 1 and Best in Show.
Best couple - Tally and Sunny: 1st place.

CACIB Zadar 2017
Zadar 28.04.-1.05.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman - 4 days V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB; 2 days BIG-3
and 1 day BIG-2. Supreme Handling - 1st place.
Trawricka One and Only - 4 days V1 Exc, 3 x BOS.
Best couple - Sunny and Tally: 1st place.

International Dog Show
Salzburg 8.-9.04.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman - EXC V1, CAC, CACIB and BOS.
Trawricka One and Only - V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.

CACIB Bratislava 2017
Bratislava 1.-2.04.2017

Ardbraccan Talisman - 1.04.2017: Exc V1, CAC and CACIB; 2.04.2017: Exc1, CAC, Reserve CACIB and as per today - a new brand Slovak Champion!

IHA Graz 2017
Graz 4.-5.03.2017

Tally und Sunny - Second Best Couple from all breeds!

CACIB Zagreb Winter Classic
Zagreb 26.-27.11.2016

Our Garden Stars Irish Unique aka Maggy has got Exc V1 Titel in Zagreb. At the first day of Show - BOG 2, at the second - BOG 3. Besides, she won a “Dr. Radovan Šignjar Memorial” Special Show.

Interdog Bohemia
Mladá Boleslav 16.-17.07.2016

Garden Stars Irish Unique aka Maggy did it once again. In Mladá Boleslav 16.07 she got Exc V1, BOS and another Champion Titel - Champion of Czech Republic!

CACIB Umag 04.-05.06.2016
und CACIB Bled 11.-12.06.2016

Garden Stars Irish Unique aka Maggy has got another one official Champion Titel!
At the age of 4 years, she's a Champion of Poland, Champion of Germany and an International Beauty Champion. 2 CACIB Shows in Umag und 2 Shows in Bled - she performs all 4 days in a Champion Class V1 CAC, CACIB, yielding 2 x BOS and BOB and the second BOG. Maggy requires just one V1 Title, to become a Champion of Czech Republic and Croatia!

Arbraccan Talisman aka Tally has won the following awards within 4 days in Croatia (Umag, 4.-5.06.) and Slovenia (Bled, 11.-12.06.) 3 x EXC V1, Junior BOB and Best Second Junior.

CACIB Litoměřice 29.05.2016

Simply unbelievable - our Arbraccan Talisman aka Tally won Best Puppy, Best Jinior, BIG Junior within a month and get a Best Junior title today again! All that at the age of 9 months...

CACIB Dortmund 08.05.2016

Garden Stars Irish Unique aka Maggy: Exc V1, and thus, with this last V1 the German Champ!

SRA Mühlhausen 05.05.2016

Mr. Show Impossible - Ardbraccan Talisman aka Tally at the age of 9 months - V1/3 exc, Junior BOB and finally Junior Best Show Dog yet. This can't be true, but it's so!